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Ropes Course Obstacles:

The obstacles start off easy so you can build up confidence for the bigger challenges ahead. The best part besides being in the shade of trees is the difficulty of the obstacle is really up to the participant.
If you wish to walk on the wild side then do your best to blaze through the course with out holding on to any safety cables. For those looking more for more of a tranquil experience then we provide safety cables for you to hold on to and if you fall don't worry because there is a safety cable for that too.

At any time during the course you feel like you need help one of our experienced staff  will be happy to assist you, if anyone gets injured or doesn't wish to continue then we can lower you safely to the ground. Everyone is backed by the best safety equipment provided by the industry leader, Petzl.

Jaco Ropes Adventure Park on Vimeo.



Climb up this sturdy ladder and prepare your self for the adventures ahead.

adventure canopy


Relax or try to hit as many as the objects as possible and challenge your friends/family to beat your score.  

teak bridge


This is definitely one of our easiest obstacles. Hang on and enjoy the views or let go to test your balance abilities, your going to need them later on. the length of the bridge is 69 feet.

mixed bridge

#4 Mix Bridge

    This 108 foot bridge is a little more challenging than the first one.

vine pass

#5 Vine Pass

Another obstacle to test your monkey abilities.  Play a game with your friends to see who holds on to the least amount of ropes in this 66 foot challenge.

2nd zipline

#6 Adventure Zipline

This 110 foot zipline offers objects for you to hit to gather more points against your opponents.


#7  Hanging Tire Walk

This 55 foot obstacle is a monkeys dream! Swing from tire to tire! WOW!  An easy option will be provided for those older apes.


#8 Cargo Net 

Traverse 26 feet across the creek to the other platform and get ready for whats coming up next.


#9  Surf the Air

The surf the air obstacle or air surfing as the monkeys like to call it is really simple, jump on the board and enjoy the 72 foot ride.  This is probably the longest time you will stand up on a surf board if your just visiting Costa Rica. PURA VIDA!

swing walk

#10 Swing Walk

Step on to the swing and keep the momentum going.  Our guides will explain the best technique for this one.


#11 Tarzan Swing

Swing like Tarzan or Jane through the trees. 

log pass

#12 Log Pass

This 44 foot obstacle can be one of the more challenging ones if you choose not to hold on to the safety cables. See who can get the fastest time.

rappel#13 Rappell

Rappel safely to the ground and go enjoy the fruit


Climb up the ladder and get ready for the 40 foot drop.  You will free fall for 12 feet then be lowered to safety. 


Ceiba Three Rappel


Big Ceiba Tree   Climb  up this massive 100 foot tree and enjoy the views.  You may choose to rappel to the bottom or we can lower you slow and safe.


Kids Love this!

Kids love this! ask about our party packages.