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Group Programs



Jaco Ropes offers group camps that include physical fitness activities such as surfing, white water rafting and much more. Coming Soon.  Contact us for more info. 


Team Building 


Imagine improving the effectiveness of your group and pushing your own individual performance to new heights. The team building programs at Jaco Ropes are ideal for corporate events, schools groups and youth groups.  We play games, activities and challenges that forces participants to work as a group to finish the desired task.  Doing these tasks as a team will help exponentially increase connection and communication among others.

The principles and values learned in our team building activities are transferable to the work and school environment and are sure to recapture purpose and drive.  Your group will leave with increased awareness as a result of engaging in dialogue about group dynamics such as leadership, communication, roles, goals, and problem solving.  Form stronger relationships and increase communication.  Enhance accountability, trust, and support within your team.  Contact Jaco Ropes for prices as they vary depending on group size.